Yom Kippur

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Monday, September 28, 2020 (All day)
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Monday  -  Sept  28  -  Yom  Kippur

Rabbi Naomi Steinberg & Rabbi Bob Rottenberg
Soloists Bel-Ami Margoles & Berel Steinberg
Jerryl Lynn Rubin & Rachel Samet, piano ~ Sasha Chandler, violin

Entire program via Zoom
Please contact the TBE Office for Zoom link info.

  • Torah Service - 10 am - Rabbi Naomi, Rabbi Bob & Soloists
  • Musaf Service - Noon - Rabbi Naomi & Soloists
  • Shiurim (Study & Discussion) - 2 pm
"Viddui with Vitality: Transforming Yom Kippur prayer into deep effectiveness"
2:00 pm  
with Jerryl Lynn Rubin & Amanda Devons
This interactive workshop will examine our Viddui (confessional) prayers; the al het and ashamnu liturgy that we repeat numerous times today. We will include teaching from the Ramban, learning outer choreography, while applying an inner process, clarifying the Hebrew, with the goal of making this year's viddui more deeply effective and transformative.
"The Thirteen Attributes of the Divine"
2:00 pm
With Nicole Barchilon Frank
Please join Nicole Barchilon Frank as we gently unfold each of the petals of this particularly gorgeous and deep flower of a list of Holy Qualities/Middot/Attributes. Nicole will share teachings from Rabbi David Wolfe-Blank, May his memory be a blessing, and others and how you can connect to this piece of liturgy all year long, but especially how it is important during the High Holy Days.
  • Yizkor service - 4 pm - Rabbi Naomi & Soloists
  • ZoomNe’ilah, Havdalah & Breaking the Fast - 6 pm - Rabbi Naomi & Soloists

Yom Yippur 5781 Video