Donations are an important part of our synagogue's budget, supplementing member dues, fees and grants. Thank you for your support. Your generosity helps make the numerous religious, educational, social and cultural activities at Temple Beth El possible.

At present there are eighteen funds supporting specific needs at Temple Beth El.  Your donations enable us to maintain a vibrant Jewish community in Humboldt County and are appreciated.

A gift to Temple Beth El's General Fund supports our programs, staff, and physical structure, ensuring that TBE will continue to enrich Jewish life in Humboldt County for generations to come.  Please give generously.

Help support Temple Beth El Adult Education programs.

The Building Fund helps Temple Beth El  maintain a beautiful and functional physical facility that meets our current needs, and anticipates those of the future.

Provides financial aid to parents who send their children to Camps Newman and Swig

Help bring scholars and guest speakers to Temple Beth El.

Support the Hevra Kadisha Committe to provide all traditional functions at a time of death.

Support Temple Beth El's outdoor Jewish education program, Jews in the Wilderness.

Help the Landscaping sub-committe to maintain and improve Temple Beth El outdoor landscaping.

Used for subscriptions, books, and other materials for our Temple library.

Support our Choir for the High Holidays and other musical performances.

Help our Social Action Committee to provide food for the homeless.

Provides funds for the Rabbi to further worthy causes, including those at TBE.

Help with tuition expenses for the religious education of our members’ children.

Support the purchase or repair of ritual objects for the Temple.

Help Temple Beth El prepare for unusual "rainy day" expenditures.

Support our Tikkun Olam actrivities for social, economic and environmental justice in support of the URJ Brit Olam.

Help ensure the safety and security of Temple Beth El and its members.

A gift to the Tzedakah Fund supports Temple Beth El in its charitable giving; donations are directed primarily to individuals in need, and to local causes that deliver direct human services.

Support Temple Beth El activities for its teen members.