Writings from Rabbi Naomi

Rabbi Naomi often blesses us with writings of her thoughts and teachings.
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  • Seeking Forgiveness

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    With the coming of autumn, the Jewish High Holy Days are a time of deep reflection and renewal. All around the world we wish each other "L'Shanah Tova," meaning , "A good new year!" It's human nature to hope that the future will be better than the past, that moving through time leads us to growth and positive transformation, through the nurturing powers of our life-loving planet and through acts of grace flowing from the Source of it all. But positive change for the future requires human effort as well.

  • A High Holy Days 2020 Letter from Rabbi Naomi

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    Dear Temple Members & Friends,
    This will be a High Holy Day season unlike any before.  In their wisdom, our dedicated Board has decided that all our events will be via Zoom or Livestream.  As we say in Yiddish, “Abi gezunt! - !טנוזעג יבא - Just be healthy!”  In our tradition, considerations of health come before all else.

    Though we won’t have the delight of gathering in the crowded synagogue, hearing the wonderful choir or sharing delicious food, there will be certain benefits to an on-line Yamim Noraim (Days of Awe.)  First, everyone will have a front row seat.  Second, no driving needed to attend.  Third,there will be opportunities for members to deepen relationships through the friendly medium of Zoom.

    I’m so delighted that we will have wonderful musicians to uplift us: our beloved soloists Bel- Ami Margoles and Berel Steinberg, pianists Jerryl Lynn Rubin and Rachel Samet, and violinist Sasha Chandler.  Sasha celebrated her Bat Mitzvah at TBE in 1997 and her mother Betty Braver, of blessed memory, served as our High Holy Day Coordinator for several years, helping me craft our musical approach to the holidays.  What a joy to welcome Sasha back!

  • High Holy Days Plans

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    Tomorrow evening (8/20) we enter the month of Elul which means that Rosh HaShana is just a month away. In this time of turmoil and suffering for so many people across our country and our world, I hope we all will draw inspiration and insight from the profound messages of the High Holy Days. This year we'll gather by electronic means only; services and study sessions will be accessible via live stream or Zoom. Our full schedule of events will be available shortly.
  • A Basket of Summer Thoughts

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    First: I miss you all! I miss gathering at the Temple for our lovely Shabbat events. I miss our choir practices. I miss studying in the library with our B’nai Mitzvah students. I miss our festive B’nai Mitzvah summer celebrations. I miss our in-person meetings and discussions. I even miss the warmth and deep sharing of in-person memorials.