Saturday Morning Torah Study

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Saturday, October 31, 2020 - 8:30am
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Temple Beth El

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Good Shabbos to all:
It’s the full moon; it’s Halloween; it’s Samhain — what better time could there be to “get up and get going” to that place that, if we pay attention, we’ll recognize when we get there?
Unfortunately, we will not be reading these fateful words that open this week’s parasha, but not to worry: there’s still plenty left to challenge our minds--
so might I suggest that you take some time beforehand and read Chapters 12 and 13, to put our reading into its proper context?
We’ll wrestle with the challenge of the war of five kings against four — or as it four against five — and Abram’s role in it, and what blessing it brings him.
And here’s this week's open-book quiz question: 
Abram hears the Voice saying something that sounds awfully close to something we’ll hear again much later in a different context. Any takers for extra credit?
Meanwhile, our readings are as follows:
1) Genesis/Breishit 14: 1-9
2) 14: 10-16
3) 14: 17-20
4) 14: 21-24
5) 15:  1-6
6) 15:  7-16
7) 15: 17:21
As always, we go ZoomLive! at 8:30 for shmooze-while-we-nibble, then our Torah bracha at 9 followed by our deep listening as we update each other on our states of mind and being.
Here’s the link:
Topic: TBE Torah Study
Time: Oct 31, 2020 08:30 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
Meeting ID: 433 319 5212
Our pre-and post blessings are attached below.
See you there!
Rabbi Bob