Saturday Morning Torah Study

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Saturday, October 24, 2020 - 8:30am
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Temple Beth El

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Saturday Morning Torah Study with Rabbi Bob Rottenberg

Good Shabbos to all —

Is there anyone who doesn’t know (or thinks they know) the story of Noah and the Flood!
Too bad, because we’re picking up the story just as Noah and his family descend from the Ark, having determined that the flood has receded sufficiently.
(I recommend a perusal of Gen 6:9 - 8:14 to make sure you’re up to speed..)
But how many of us know in such detail what happens after the Flood? This is where our reading begins this week.
I hope we’ll pay close attention to the various blessings and curses that flow in this section— including the curse of Canaan.

Contact the temple office for Zoom link.

Our readings:
1) Genesis/Breshit 8:15-22
2) 9: 1-7
3) 9: 8-17
4) 9:18-29
5) 10:1-14
6) 10:15-20
7) 10:26-32
As always, we go ZoomLive! at 8:30 for shmoozing. Torah bracha at 9, followed by a round of listening to each other as we check in individually.
A reminder and request: Especially when we are a large group, please respect our facilitated process by raising your hand before making a comment. We want everyone to feel heard, and want everyone to feel able to participate at whatever level feels comfortable. This way, we can all learn from each other.

Rabbi Bob