New Account Help


Temple Beth El invites all members to request an account to access the private Members Area. The Members Area is full of useful and fun content designed to foster community and support communication within TBE. Others who collaborate closely with TBE are also encouraged to apply for an account.

To request your account follow these steps.

  1. Open the Temple Beth El website. On the left hand side of the Home page there is a box labeled Member Login. Click on Request new account.
  2. A new page will open, showing a Request New Account form.  Read the notice at the top.
  3. Fill in all parts of the form marked with red asterisks — First name, Last name, Username.
  4. To simplify identifying each other, please format your username by using your first name followed by an underscore and then your last name, all lowercase. Example: albert_einstein. (User names not following this format are not allowed.)
  5. Under the question-Are you a TBE Member?-you can chose from a drop-down menu.
  6. Those who are friends of TBE, but not members, should use the Introduce Yourself box to explain a little about their relationship with TBE.
  7. Finally, please answer the math question at the bottom of the page and click the box labeled Request new account

Your request will be reviewed by the TBE office. You can expect an e-mail notification regarding the status of your account in three to five business days.