From Rabbi Naomi - Pakistan Flooding

Three months of relentless rain In Pakistan has brought flooding of biblical dimensions.  Thirty-three million people have been displaced, over 1,000 killed, and ⅓ of the county is underwater.  The world must help.  Here are options for donations to bring immediate relief with food and medical care:
Responding to Monsoon Flooding in Pakistan | International Medical Corps

Experts explain that this torrential rain is in part the result of glacial melting and rising temperatures in the Indian Ocean, both caused by the climate crisis which is driven by heavily industrialized nations burning fossil fuels.

In addition to helping with immediate humanitarian aid, we must speed up our efforts to change our energy consumption. 

Please support and get involved with Dayenu: A Jewish Call to Climate Action and locally 350 Humboldt.


B’shalom ~ In peace,
Rabbi Naomi