Yom HaShaoh Program

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Monday, April 25, 2022 - 7:00pm
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Online via Zoom

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Featuring Irving Lubliner, Professor Emeritus at Southern Oregon University Mr. Lubliner will share a captivating presentation titled “Only Hope: My Mother and the Holocaust Brought to Light.” The child of two Holocaust survivors, a mother who spoke and wrote about her experiences and a father who kept his own memories locked up tight and did not share them, Professor Lubliner gives us an opportunity to meet his mother, Felicia Bornstein Lubliner, through her powerful writing, published in 2019 as Only Hope: A Survivor’s Stories of the Holocaust. He also spoke of his own experiences growing up as a second-generation survivor.

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From the Forward:

As I think about my parents’ experiences in the Nazi concentration camps, I wonder:  What kept them going? With too little food, death all around them, savage beatings doled out to those not doing their assigned slave labor quickly enough, and the loss of all that had once been dear to them, what could they do to summon the will to live another day? The only answer that comes to me is:  They could hope.

With shattered dreams, interrupted educations, no homes or family members to which they might someday return, and a horrifying day-to-day existence, they could not make plans for their futures. They could only hope.
Would each day’s meager food ration provide enough sustenance to stay alive until tomorrow? Would the doctor making the selections of who should live and who should die allow them another day’s salvation? If yesterday they were lucky to avoid being singled out by a capricious and malicious guard, would that luck last through another day? They could only hope.
—Irving Lubliner