Thursday Night Torah

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Thursday, October 1, 2020 - 6:00pm
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Online via Zoom.

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Monday Night Torah with Phil Lazar - this week it's on Thursday.

Sukkot & RBG

עבדו את השם בשמחה Psalms 2:11

"Serve G'd with joy."

How do we serve G'd with joy when we're not feeling it?

Good News & Bad News

There has been some good news with the movements towards peaceful relations and cooperation between Israel, the UAE, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia. On the other hand, there is the loss of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. RBG made me proud to be Jewish.

On Being Joyful In Difficult Times

I'm reminded of something sweet Rabbi Aryeh Hirschfield OBM taught us from the teachings of the Helige Rebbe Nachman of Bratszlav, that the whole world is a very narrow bridge and that although a difficult time is upon us, our joy must fill the air.

Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach OBM taught that while your heart is full of sadness it can also be full of joy, at the same time. He said this is hard to do but that it is a holy thing to do.

In class will explore how to do this.

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