Song Sheets

Songs for Rosh HaShanah Evening

L'shana tova tikateyu (2x) Tikateyvu, tikateyvu!
(May you be written for a good year!)
Pitchuli sha'arey tsedek avo vam odeh yah! (4x) Open for me, Gates of Righteousness,
I will come in and give thanks to God!
Tee-chleh sha-nah v'kee-lei-lo-te-ha!
Hashkiveynu adonai, elohainu l'shalorn, V'ha-amideynu malkeynu..... l'chaim.
Zachreynu l'chayim, melech chafeytz ba-chayim (2x) V'chatveynu b'sefer  ha-chayim l'ma-ancha elohim chayim (2x) Remember us for life, you who delights in giving life! (2x)
And write us in the book of living, for your sake, O Source of Life! Elohim, Elohim, Elohim,
Elohim, Elohim chayim!
V'te-che-zena ey-ney-nu b'shu-v'cha l'tsiyon b'rachamim! (4x) And may our eyes behold, may we be blessed to see,
Your return to Zion - in mercy! (2x)
And may we see you return, return,, return to Zion in mercy! (2x)
You are all that we praise You for ...
Acha t sha'alti me-ayt adonai, Achat sha'alti otah a-vakesh,
Shivti b'veyt adonai kol y'mey chay-yai
La-chazot b'no-am adonai u-l'zameyr b'hey-chalo!
One thing only I ask of God, one thing I seek! (2x)
To dwell in the house of God for all the days of my life, To behold the loveliness inside,
and to meditate deep in the holy place!


Page 17 - Bar'chu
Leader: Bar'chu et adonai ham'vorach
Congregation: Baruch adonai ham'vorach l'olam va-ed
Page 35 - Chotzi Kaddish
Yitgadal v'yitkadash sh'mey raba, b'alma di v'ra chirutey, V'yamlich malchutey
B'chayechon, u'vomeychon, u'vchayei d'chol beyt Yisrael, Ba'agal u'vizman kariv v'imru ameyn.
Y'hei sh'mei raba m'vorach, l'alam ul'almey al'maya, yitbarach. Yitbarach v'yishtabach v'yit-pa'ar v'yitromam v'yitnasey,
V'yit-hadar v'yitaleh, v'yit-halal, sh'mei d'kudsha, b'rich hu.
L'eyla min kol bir'chata v'shirata, Tushb'chata v'nechemata Da'amiran b'alma, (4x)
V'imru ameyn.

The Tashlikh Ritual

The Tashlikh ritual is based on a verse from the Book of Micah: "And you will cast all their sins into the depths of the sea."
The Rabbis of old made it clear that it's not possible for us to toss away our wrongdoing,  rather we must make amends and correct our behavior  and attitudes  that lead us into error. But the practice of Tashlikh has endured as a folk custom.  This ritual is usually done on the afternoon of Rosh HaShanah, but may be done anytime before Yom Kippur.
Go alone or with family or friend to a free-flowing body of water.
Take time to reflect quietly: What are the negative habits and tendencies  that I
want to "cast away" in order to be a better person?
It's traditional to toss into the water breadcrumbs, stones, or the dust from your pockets as you call to mind each habit that you wish to change.

G'mar chatimah touab.  ~ May you have a good closing to the High Holy Day Season.

Psalm 90:12

Limnot yamaynu, limnot yamynu,
Limnot yamaynu kayn hodah v'navi l'vav chochma  (2x)
Teach us to treasure each day! (2x)      .
That we may open our heart to your wisdom, Oh teach us to treasure each day! (2x)
Treasure each day! Teach us to treasure each day! (2x)

Psalm 90:12 ~ Translation and Music by R Yitzhak  Husbands-Hankin

Isaiah 56:7

And they will come to my holy mountain,
And rejoice in my house of prayer! (2x)
My house (my house) will be (will be) A house of prayer for all people! (2x)
Isaiah 56:7 ~ Translation and Music by R. Aryeb Hirschfield


  Ahavnu We have loved  
  Beirachnu  We have blessed  
  Gadalnu We have grown  
  Dibarnu Yofi   We have spoken positively  
  He'ehlinu We have raised up  
  V'chasnu We have shown  compassion  
  Zeiraznu We have acted enthusiastically  
  Chamalnu We have been empathetic  
  Tipachnu Emet We have cultivated truth  
  Ya'atznu Tov We have given good advice  
  Kibadnu                               We have respected  
  Lamadnu We have learned  
  Machalnu We have forgiven  
  Nichamnu We have comforted  
  Salalnu We have been creative  
  Ohrarnu We have stirred  
  Pa'ahlnu We have been spiritual activists  
  Tzadaknu We have acted justly  
  Kivinu La'aretz
We have hoped for the land  
  Richamnu We have been merciful  
  Shakadnu We have given full effort  
  Tamachnu We have supported  
  Tararnnu We have contributed  
  Tikanu We have repaired  
  (R' Avi Weiss)    



Like a shepherd who takes account of his flock,
causing each one to pass beneath his staff,
so you review,  recount, and appraise
 the life  of every living being.
You set a limit for every creature's   life and determine each one's destiny.
K'vakarat ro-eh edro I ma'avir tso-no ta-chat sheev-to
Keyn ta'avir v'tees-por v'teem-neh, v'teef-kod ne-fesh kol  chai
V'tach-toch keets-va l'chol bree-yo-te-cha
V'tach-toch  keets-va l'chol bree-yo-te-cha
Oy, v'teech-tov, v'teech-tov, et g'zar dee-nam.
Hear our voice, Eternal One our God!
Be compassionate and loving with us,
 and with loving favor accept our prayer,
for you are our God who hears prayers and supplications.
From your presence, our Source, do no turn us away empty-handed!
Sh'ma koleynu ha-shem eloheynu
Chus v'ra-cheym aleynu
Oy,  v'kabeyl b'ra-cha-rnim,
B'ra-cha-mim u'v'ratson
Et t'fee-la-tey-nu, t'fee-la-tey-nu
Ki eyl sho-mey-ah t'fee-lot
V'ta-cha-nu-nim a-tah
Ki eyl sho-mey-ah t'fee-lot
V'ta-cha-nu-nim a-tah
Da-da-dai, da-da-dai
U'meel-fa-ne-cha mal-keynu
Rey-kam al-t'shi-vey-nu
Music & Settings by R  Shlomo Carlebach

Yom Kippur Evening Transliteration

Page  395  -  Bar'chu
Bar'chu et adonai ham'vorach!
Baruch adonai  ham'vorach l'olam va-ed!
Page  411  -  Chotzi Kaddish
Yitgadal v'yitkadash sh'mey raba, b'alma di v'ra chirutey,
V'yamlich malchutey,
B'chayechon, u'vomeychon, u'vchayei d'chol  beyt Yisrael,
Ba'agal u'vizman kariv v'imru ameyn.
Y'hei  sh'mei  raba  m'vorach, l'alam  ul'almey al'maya, yitbarach.
Yitbarach v'yishtabach v'yit-pa'ar v'yitromam v'yitnasey,
V'yit-hadar  v'yitaleh, v'yit-halal, sh'mei d'kudsha, b'rich  hu.
L'eyla min kol  bir'chata v'shirata, Tushb'chata v'nechemata Da'amiran b’alma,    (4x)

V'imru ameyn.
L'shanah tovah  u'm'tukah!
A good, sweet New Year!
 G'mar  chatimah tovah!
A good holiday  closure!                          

Yom Kippur Evening Songs

Refuah sh'leymah! Refuah, refuah sh’leymah!
May there be complete healing!
Rachmana p'rok!
Compassionate One, rescue, redeem!
Kol nidrey, v'esorey,  va-charomey,  v'konomey,
v'chinuyey,  v'k:inusey, u-sh'vu-os, dindarno,
ud'ish-ta-bano,  ud'acharim-no,  v'di-asarno al
naf-sho-no,  mi-yom  kippurim  zeh, ad yom
kippurim  haboh  aleynu  l'tovah,  kul-hon,
i-cha-ra-tno  v'hon.  Kul-hon y'hon  sho-ron,
sh'vikin, sh'visin  b'telin  u-m vutolin  lo sh'ri-rin,
v'lo kayomin.  Nidrono lo nidrey  ve'esoro-no lo
esorey  u-sh'vu-o-so-no  lo sh'vu-os!
Hashkiveynu, Adonai, eloheynu l'shalom,
v'ha amdeynu, malkeynu, mmm …. .l'chaim!
Ya' ah-rev! – Until dusk!
HaNeshama lach  ve-ha-guf pa'alach,
chusah, chusah  al a-ma-lachl
Holy One, you create endless time,
endless space! - Let the gates open wide
as I enter   inside!   Blessed maker of all,
From the great to the small, hear my song,
hear my  plea,  have  compassion for me!
For my soul is yours, and my body is yours!
All I have, all I am, is the work of your hands!
Darkecha eloheynu l'harich apecha,
oy, la-ra-yim  v'la-to-vim,  v'hi  t hila-te-chal
It is you way, Our God, to be patient with the wicked
as well as with the good, and that is your praise!

La-brit  ha-beyt v'al  teyfen  la-yey-tserl
Look-to the covenant, be not swayed by impulse!
Chatanu l'fanecha! Racheim aleynu!
We have done wrong before you! Have compassion on us!
Achat  sha'alti mei-eit Adonai! (2x)
Shivti b'veit Adonai kol y'mey chai-yai,
Lachazot b'noam Adonai, u-l'vakeir  b'heichalo!
One thing only I ask of God, one thing I seek!  2x
To dwell in the House of God all the days
of my life, to behold the loveliness inside,
and to meditate deep in the holy place!