Join Rabbi Naomi Steinberg and the Temple Beth El community as we celebrate the new year, 5780, with our High Holy Days services.

We will hold services for Rosh HaShanah, Yom Kippur, and more, featuring the Temple Beth El Choir, soloists, and local musicians. All are welcome to attend any of the services throughout the High Holy Days. See below for our full schedule of events.

Saturday, September 21             

8:30 PM ~ Leyl Selichot ~ Night of Forgiveness Contemplative Service

Sunday, September 29       Erev Rosh HaShanah

6:30 PM ~ Erev Rosh HaShanah Greeting & Seating

6:45 PM ~ Erev Rosh HaShanah Service & Kiddush ~ Soloists & Choir

Monday, September 30      Rosh HaShanah 1st Day

9:30 AM ~ Shachrit (Morning) Service & Kiddush ~ Soloists & Choir                        

11:00 AM ~ Torah Reading

12:00 PM ~ Musaf Service & Shofar Sounding ~ Soloists & Choir

1:30 PM ~ Kiddush Luncheon

Tuesday, October 1            Rosh HaShanah 2nd Day

4:30 PM ~ Rosh HaShanah Family Shofar Service ~ Soloists

5:00 PM ~ Tashlich at Sequoia Park Pond

Friday, October 5

7:00 PM ~ Kabbalat Shabbat Shuva ~ led by Caroline Isaacs

Tuesday,  October 8

6:30 PM ~ Erev Yom Kippur  ~ Greeting & Seating

6:45 PM ~ Kol Nidre Service ~ Soloists & Choir

Wednesday, October 9

9:30 AM ~ Yom Kippur Shachrit (Morning) Service ~ Soloists

1:00 PM ~ Musaf Service  ~  Cantorial Music ~ Soloists

2:00 PM ~ Meditation Walk in Sequoia Park

3:00 PM ~ Avodah (Priestly Worship) Service

3:30 PM ~ Family Mincha (Afternoon) Service ~ Soloists  

5:00 PM ~ Yizkor (Memorial) Service ~ Soloists    

6:00 PM ~ Ne’ilah (Closing) Service, Havdalah & refreshments ~ Soloists             

Sunday, October 13

7:00 PM ~ Erev Sukkot ~ Blessings, Dinner & Songs in the Sukkah

Tuesday, October 22

6:00 PM ~ Simchat Torah  ~ Led by Bob Rottenberg & Caroline Isaacs – Choir     


We look forward to a High Holy Day season of prayer, music, Torah and contemplation enhanced by our wonderful soloists, choir and instrumentalists.  We strive to offer holiday events to serve the diversity of our membership and guests, blending traditional and innovative ritual.  We enjoy a wide variety of musical styles from Ashkenaz, Sefardic, Mizrachi, Israeli and contemporary sources. The majestic melodies of European chazzanut (cantorial music) is featured in the Musaf services on Rosh HaShanah (12 pm) and Yom Kippur (1 pm).  Kol Nidre will be played by a very special trio of Jenny Scheinman (violin), Kira Weiss (cello) and Ellen Weiss (piano).

Families with young children and TBE Children’s Education students are especially invited to participate on Tuesday, October 1, for our brief 2nd Day of Rosh HaShanah Family Shofar Service and a walk to Sequoia Park for Tashlich.  On Wednesday, October 9 we will have a Family-friendly Yom Kippur afternoon service, including a brief reading from our beautiful new Torah and lively rendition of the Book of Jonah.  Please give children snacks beforehand.  Children also will enjoy Simchat Torah on Tuesday, October 22.

If you would like to host any TBE members for a meal in your sukkah, or if you would like to be invited to someone’s home, please contact the office. Welcoming guests is a mitzvah and a wonderful way to meet new people and deepen friendships.

Livestream: To enjoy events via livestream, use the following address:

Yizkor Memorial: In the Yom Kippur Yizkor service we will read aloud names of the departed submitted on our Yizkor form. Donations to the Temple and the Tzedakah Fund are traditional, but not required.

Childcare: To be announced, please see Weekly Update.

Cell Phones: Turn off ringers and please refrain from using phones on Temple premises except for an emergency.

Donations from Non-Members: Suggested donations for non-members are $100 for all Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur events or $25 for individual events.  Donation envelopes will be available; no “tickets” are issued.

Food Box:  Bring canned items for the Food for People box in the foyer.

Transportation: If you need or can offer transportation to events, call the Temple office at 444-2846. We always need rides for Humboldt State University students living in Arcata.

Yom Kippur Fasting: Although it is traditional to refrain from food and beverages on Yom Kippur, Rabbi Naomi encourages those with medical needs and anyone driving a car to eat and drink as necessary.

Machzor: If you bring your own copy, remember to inscribe your name in it and use a distinctive bookmark.

Attire & Allergy Awareness: Festive, formal, modest attire is suggested.  It is traditional to wear white on Yom Kippur.  Refrain from wearing perfume or other products with scents for the benefit of those who are sensitive to such chemicals.