Saturday Morning Torah Study

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Saturday, October 17, 2020 - 8:30am
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Online via Zoom

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Saturday Morning Torah Study
October 17th, 8:30 am

Please contact the TBE Office for Zoom link info.

Good Shabbos to all! With the coming of rain (after our successful prayer last shabbos!) and the clearing of the air, it certainly does feel like we’ve been given a new beginning. Clearly, Torah knew (knows) that we would be in exactly this time, needing exactly this opportunity to see the world with new eyes.  
We’ll start our study with what is frequently called the “second creation” story, picking up immediately after G-d’s first Shabbos.
Hopefully we’ll take the time to unpack the differences between the two stories — or to see if they are, in fact, one long story.
We’re dealing here with what might be called “quintessential Genesis” — the stories most people in the Western world think they know so well:
Eden, Adam, Eve, the “apple,” the “snake,” blaming of the “other," expulsion, Cain, Able…
We’ll see about that!
Let’s try to approach these stories with “beginner’s eyes” as if we’ve never read these stories before, and know nothing about them!
Our readings (including two very long aliyot) are:
1) Breishit/Gen. 2:4-9
2) 2:10-19
3) 2:20-25
4) 3:1-21 (Oy for our “sins!”)
5) 3:22-24
6) 4:1-18 (Oy for our hatred and jealousy!)
7) 4:19-26
As always, we go ZoomLive!! at 8:30 for shmoozing. At 9 we’ll say our bracha and then take our time to listen to each other as we check in on what new beginnings we envision.
See you there!
Rabbi Bob