Saturday Morning Torah Study

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Saturday, October 10, 2020 - 8:30am
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Online via Zoom

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Saturday Morning Torah Study with Rabbi Bob - Sat, Oct 10th at 8:30am
Good shabbos all —
We’ll have a shorter study session today, as we’ll move into our Yizkor service at 11, led by Rabbi Naomi.
We are at the very end of Sukkot — the “eighth day of assembly” known as Shmini Atseret.
We’re not quite finished with our year-long reading of Torah — in fact, we dip back a few chapters to Parashat Re-eh for yet another reminder of what our life is supposed to be all about.
Our readings — which will sound very familiar, as they repeat our readings from Rosh HaShana — are as follows:
1) D’varim 14:22-29
2) 15: 1-18
3) 15:19-23
4) 16:1-3
5) 16:4-8
6) 16:9-12
7) 16:13-17
If you’re wondering why the third Aliya is so long ; I suggest reviewing those passages, which offer a succinct summary of exactly how we’re supposed to treat each other.
The Haftarah is from I Kings 8:54-66 — the account of King Solomon’s dedication of his Temple. Well worth reading!
As always, we go ZoomLive! at 8:30 for shmoozing, with our Torah Bracha at 9, followed by our end-of Sukkot sharing.

Please contact the TBE Office for Zoom link info.