Saturday Morning Torah Study

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Saturday, September 5, 2020 - 8:30am
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Online via Zoom

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Saturday Morning Torah Study with Rabbi Bob
Sep 5th at 8:30 AM 

Greetings all -

"Rise and shine, and give G-d your glory glory" the gospel song goes -- which is adapted from the opening verse of this week's haftarah - an absolutely stunning rebuttal of the dire warnings contained in this week's parasha.

I hope we take some time to read at least some of it (Isaiah 60:1-22).

Most people, when they think about Ki Tavo, remember the curses that just seem to keep going and going, getting progressively more horrendous (D'varim 27:15-69).
Thankfully, we get to skip them this year.

And yet, and yet - might I suggest taking a look at these verses - along with the beautiful blessings that come first (D'varim 28:1-14) - as we approach the penitential prayers of Slichot next Saturday evening: Are these blessings and curses Torah's way of reminding us to pay attention to our deeds, as well as thoughts, because in just two weeks we'll be gathering (via Zoom) as our Days of Awe begin, and we prepare to ask G-d (however we think of G-d) for another year?

Ki Tavo reminds us that this- life itself - is serious stuff, and not to be taken lightly.

Our readings this week:
1) D'varim 26:1-3
2) 26:4-8
3) 26:9-11
4) 26:12-15
5) 26:16-19
6) 27:1-4
7) 27:5-10

Please contact the TBE Office for the Zoom link, which as always will go ZoomLive at 8:30 for schmoozing, followed with our bracha at 9 as we check in on how we are preparing for the upcoming Days of Awe.