Saturday Morning Torah Study

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Saturday, September 12, 2020 - 8:30am
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Online via Zoom

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Saturday Morning Torah Study
with Rabbi Bob - 8:30am

Good Shabbos to all 
Double portion this week - our last time together until we gather for Rosh HaShana next shabbos.
In many ways, these two portions represent the culmination of Moses' teachings that have carried the Israelites through their years of wandering, wondering, and rebelling. Painfully aware that he is nearing the end of his life, Moses wants to make sure that we "get it" and are ready, willing and able to persevere under Joshua's leadership.

Isn't this much like the way we find ourselves now - doing our utmost to do everything we want/need to do in preparation for the Days of Awe which, much like Moses' own death, are hurtling toward us with no concern for how prepared we are?
Moses makes it very clear that he is talking to everyone - all of Israel, no matter whether they are actually "standing there" that day, or even whether they've even been born. No - Moses is talking to all of us. No excuses, folks!

One thing I love about this particular double portion is the juxtaposition of the two titles: Nitsavim - standing - and Vayelech - moving.

I find a lesson here for how to approach life:
First: Stop. Stand still. Breathe. Look around. Quiet the mind to be able to "see" what's really happening, and what is really needed.
Then: Move. Do what needs to be done, coming from that grounded place, as opposed to running off without full understanding of the needs of the moment and how best to address them.
What a sweet way to approach Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur!
And here's today's open book quiz: How many times does some version of "shuv/return" appear in 30:1-10?
Our readings:
1) D'varim 29:9-11
2) 29:12-14
3) 29:15-28
4) 30:1-3
5) 30:4-6
6) 30:7-10
7) 30:11-14
Please contact the TBE Office for Zoom link, which as always will go ZoomLive at 8:30 for schmoozing, followed with our bracha at 9 as we check in on how we are doing in terms of Stopping/Standing as we move ahead toward the upcoming Days of Awe.

See you there!
Rabbi Bob