Temple Beth El is a small congregation and the only synagogue on the North Coast. Our entire budget comes from member donations and fundraising.  All donations are tax-deductible (Tax ID number 94-1629682).

Below is a list of the funds available at Temple Beth El.  In your donation, please select which fund you would like the money put towards.  If you do not select a fund, the money will be place in the Tzedakah fund.

Adult Education: Supports classes and programs in various aspects of Judaism.
Building: To improve our physical facilities and grounds; used for major maintenance and repair projects.
Camp Scholarship:  Provides financial aid to parents who send their children to Camps Newman and Swig.
Children’s Education:  Helps pay tuition expenses for the religious education of our members’ children.
Future Fund:  To provide for a rabbi and the future of Temple Beth El.
General Fund: To be used for general expenses at the Temple.
Guest Presenters: Supports bringing guest speakers to Temple Beth El.
Hevra Kadisha: Performs all traditional functions at a time of death.
High Holidays: Provides funds to help offset the cost of High Holy Day music.
Library:  To be used for subscriptions, books, and other materials for our Temple library.
Rabbi Discretionary: Provides funds for the Rabbi to further worthy causes, including those at TBE.
Ritual Object:  Provides funds for the purchase or repair of ritual objects in the Temple.
Social Action: Involve ourselves in mitzvah projects as the need arises, both in our community and elsewhere.
Tzedakah: Funds which aid our members, and others, in times of need.