Monday Night Torah

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Monday, October 12, 2020 - 6:00pm
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Online via Zoom

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Monday Night Torah with Phil Lazar
Ivdu et Hashem b’Simcha
Oct.12, 2020, 6pm-7pm

Bereisheet - 3 Big Questions
“She is a tree of Life to all who hold fast to Her. All Her ways are Pleasantness and all Her paths are Peace.”
Our annual Torah reading cycle begins anew this week with the first Torah portion, Bereisheet, in the first book of the Bible, also called Bereisheet (aka Genesis). This Torah portion, perhaps more than any other, is loaded with messages for us today.
Everything starts off great with G’d creating the universe and then creating the first people, Adam and Eve, and putting them in the Garden of Eden where they are able to eat from any tree they wish except for the trees in the center of the garden.
And then everything goes downhill, and fast! They eat of the forbidden fruit and G’d asks “Where are you?” as if He doesn’t know. This is the first big question. And Adam answers “We were hiding.” Then Cain kills his brother Abel and G’d asks “Where is your brother?” as if He doesn’t know. This is the second big question. And Cain answers/asks “Am I my brother’s keeper?!” This is the third big question.
How each of us answers these three big questions (throughout the day and every day) determines the world we live in. All are welcome to join us in exploring this and other topics from our Holy Torah. Bring your ideas, your teachings, and your questions.