Family Reunion Torah Service

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Saturday, December 26, 2020 - 11:00am
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Online via Zoom

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Join us for a dramatic and tender family reunion in our Torah service this week!  After selling Joseph into slavery years before, Joseph's brothers travel to Egypt during a famine in search of food to buy.  They are taken into the presence of a great Egyptian lord -- whom they don't recognize as their brother Joseph.  After some trickery and suspense, Joseph finally reveals himself to his family!  Does he threaten them with vengeance for what they did to him?  Does he lord it over them?  Does he dwell on past hurts?  To find out what happens, tune in on Zoom Link for Torah Service Dec 26  at 11 am as Rabbi Naomi leads the service, with our teacher Caroline Isaacs lovingly opening our Torah scroll at the Temple and our dedicated Ba'alei K'riya (Torah readers) participate via Zoom.  For a lively discussion before the reading, join Torah Study with Rabbi Bob.