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Date(s) - 05/23/2020
8:30 am - 9:30 am


Saturday Morning Torah Study – May 23rd at 8:30am with Caroline Isaacs
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Greetings all –

Just as we do here in the USA every 10 years, HaShem wants to know how many Israelites there really are, now that they seem to have settled down for a long journey through the wilderness on their way to that Promised Land.

We deal mostly with this census this week.

While our census is used to determine things like Congressional representation, HaShem’s census is focused on those males who are able (not necessarily willing ) to serve in the army.
In Torah, all the tribes are counted and the leaders are named – all except for the Levites, who are given very specific “marching orders” which literally separate them from the rest of the tribes.

Interesting question to ponder: Some politicians here are trying to keep certain categories of US residents uncounted – but it probably has nothing at all to do with who serves in the army. When there was a draft, we did allow for folks to skip military service by claiming a religious exemption. Might our parasha be the fore-runner of this idea?

Here are the readings, all from one very llllonnnnggggg chapter:

1) Numbers 1:1-4
2) 1:5-16
3) 1:17-19
4) 1:20-27
5) 1:28-35
6) 1:36-43
7) 1:44-54

Suzanne and I will be away this Shabbos – we’re returning Suzanne’s daughter and son-in-law to Seattle, after they sheltered in place with us in Arcata for the past two months. Sorry to see them go!

Caroline will facilitate in my absence. Thanks, Caroline!

Good shabbos to all –
Bob R.