A Chanukah Message From Rabbi Naomi

Dear TBE Members & Friends,

Although we won’t be dancing and eating latkes together this year, we’ll have the opportunity to gather in community via Zoom for all Eight Nights of the Chanukah Festival.  I’ll lead the first and last nights and our Tefilah Leaders have graciously accepted my invitation to lead the nights in between.  Each evening at 5:30 we’ll have a family-friendly candle-lighting, some singing, teaching or stories, followed by discussion of themes on this study sheet from Ritual Well, a lovely online resource for evolving Jewish traditions. The Eight Nights of Wellness.pdf is linked below.


Feel free to drop in as your schedule and household activities permit.  Remember it’s fine to just listen and keep your audio and video turned off if you’re in the midst of dinner or you haven’t brushed your hair in a few days!  I encourage you to print out this study guide, or put it on your desktop for easy reference.  I hope that focusing on various aspects of wellness will help us as we go deeper into this very challenging winter.  Also, TBE members are warmly encouraged to send in photo or short videos of your Chanukah at home to share on the members-only side of this website.  

Many thanks to you all for your participation in our online events, it means so much to me to see your faces.  As our hearts are full of sympathy for everyone across the globe struggling with the pandemic, still we can find joy in coming together for spiritual reflection and renewal.

Chag Chanukah Sameach ~ A joyful Chanukah,

Rabbi Naomi

P.S. Here is my little Chanukah gift to you: a recording that Berel and I made last year of a traditional Chanukah song with my new English lyrics.  Hope you enjoy it!

Hanayrot Hallalu.mp3