2023 Humboldt Jewish Music & Culture Festival - Day 2b

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Saturday, February 18th from 2:00-3:15pm

In-Person at Temple Beth El and on Zoom

 Israeli Music with Ellie Shapiro, PhD 

Follow the soundtrack of Israel’s complex history through its music. This multimedia presentation takes you on a journey from the young Zionist pioneers and waves of immigration, to the Palestinian uprisings, Israel’s recent winning Eurovision entry, and the contemporary scene. The country’s unique mix of East and West makes for sounds you will hear nowhere else.  


Dr. Eleanor Shapiro  is an independent scholar focusing on Polish-Jewish relations. In 2018, she completed a dissertation on contemporary Jewish culture festivals in Polish small towns. Formerly the director of the Bay Area-based Jewish Music Festival, she first visited Poland in 2003 as a guest of the Polish Cultural Institute. From 1982-90, she was based in Israel where she worked as a teacher and freelance journalist.
She produced Berkeley’s first sacred world music festival: ResoNation: Sacred Sounds Beyond Borders, in Sept 2019.  She has recently taught several multimedia workshops for Temple Beth El including:  Roots of Klezmer Revival: Celebratory music of Eastern European Jews;  Cabaret Culture of Interwar Poland;  Music of the Holocaust;  and Israel-Palestine, a Dual Narrative Approach.  She currently is teaching at New Lehrhaus, in Berkeley CA, and will be spending time in Israel just prior to teaching this workshop.

60 tickets are available for an in-person experience at Temple Beth El. All other tickets are for Zoom viewing.

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