Adult Education

The Adult Education Committee coordinates classes that provide continuing education on topics of interest to the Jewish community, including spiritual enrichment, Jewish philosophy, liturgy, Hebrew, Israel, Jewish history, prayer, and Jewish cooking. The committee finds teachers, schedules the classes, and publicizes them within the affiliated and unaffiliated Jewish community and interested friends.

Bikkur Cholim:

Visits ill and home-bound members and community members.

Building & Safety Committee:

Responsible for repairs, maintenance, and security measures, either done in house or via contracting out.  Includes Building & Equipment, Grounds, and Décor.

Children’s Education:

Our mission is to oversee and provide Jewish education from kindergarten through b’nai mitzvah. CE strives to provide our children with knowledge of Jewish history, a cultural identity, and to instill in them a sense of pride in being Jewish.


Provides budget assistance, fundraising, grant-writing.

 Guest Presenters

This committee helps find, coordinate, and plan all special guest presentations.


Works with the Rabbi to help provide a spiritually meaningful, socially relevant schedule of Holiday events for Temple Beth El members, guests, and members of the public. Chair lines up volunteer coordinators for each holiday service. Includes High Holy Days, Hanukkah Party, Shabbat Shira/Tu B’Shevat, Purim/Megillah Reading; Passover Seder; Yom HaShoah; Shavuot; and Shabbat.

 K’Lal Israel

The goal of the K’lal Yisrael Committee is to develop educational programs regarding the State of Israel and congregational activities to strengthen commitment to the State of Israel.


The TBE library is a small specialized collection of print and non-print materials enriching the Congregation’s study of Judaism by adding to the resources of other libraries in our community for both adults and children. The Committee works with the Rabbi to purchase new books, remove outdated books, and handle donated books. Committee maintains database of all TBE Library books. It is intended to provide enrichment to prayer services, Torah commentary, celebration of Jewish holy days, life cycle ceremonies, and ethical guidance based on Jewish values.


Our mission is to inspire Jews to find a lifelong place for themselves within the synagogue’s community and to give members the opportunity to grow in their Jewish identity through that affiliation. The Membership committee is the primary congregational group that focuses on attracting, recruiting, welcoming, integrating, and retaining members. Includes the following subcommittees:

New Applications: reviews member applications and recommends to the Board for approval/denial.

Lovingkindness: The goal of this very loose-knit group of people is to support our members as the need arises, providing meals, home or hospital visits, sending cards, etc. On rare occasions, these services are extended to non-members. Helps with Tzedakah requests.

Hevra Kadisha: Serves the community around death, dying, and burial practices according to Jewish traditions.

Member In-Reach: Establishes practices to retain members and connect new members to TBE.

Member Outreach: Helps recruit new members.


Asks members of the Temple community to serve on the Temple Board.


The personnel committee seeks to ensure that persons employed by Temple Beth El will be sympathetic to the needs of this institution and qualified to perform the functions for which they are engaged.


The TBE Policy committee was founded to be sure there are written policies and procedures in existence. These policies will be kept in the Temple office in two main binders. One binder is titled Board Policy Manual and the other Office Procedure Manual. Other protocols, i.e., the Seder Protocol and the High Holiday Protocol, will also be kept in the office and updated each year by the respective committee chairperson. Other policies that need to be written will be suggested by the Board, drafted by the Policy committee, and sent to the Board for their approval. Each policy will be reviewed by the Board on an annual basis and revised or updated as needed.

Public Information

Established to provide one voice to the media regarding Temple events, people in the Jewish Community, Jewish points of view, etc. This committee is the conduit through which other committees get their message(s) out to the public via Press Releases, Newsletter, Public Service Announcements, Posters and Flyers


The Ritual Committee ensures that Jewish rituals are established and maintained at TBE in accordance with Reform Judaism traditions. The Ritual Committee establishes policies pertaining to Jewish ritual matters, such as conversion to Judaism, and reviews and approves the use of prayer material, such as High Holiday Machzors, siddurs, and Passover Haggadahs.


Committee advises the TBE Board and works with the office manager on current issues surrounding our web site, video streaming, and social media.